Common questions we often get asked. Please contact us if you have questions about our class or anything with Presidential Range CrossFit.

CrossFit is the most fun you will ever have getting really, really fit. 

More scientifically put, it’s a strength and conditioning program involving constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Classes are an hour-long and consistently include:

  1. group warm-up

  2. movement instruction

  3. the workout of the day or “WOD”

  4. cool-down/stretch

We are proud to base our teaching on the tested-and-true, widely respected CrossFit methodology.

Our classes are kept at 10-12 members per class to ensure quality coaching.

Absolutely not. No matter your age, your weight, your fitness level, or your athletic background, CrossFit is designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Workouts are modified and scaled to specifically suit each individual in the class and everyone walks away with a phenomenal workout and earned sense of accomplishment.